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i think it's real pathetic your in house games are designed to cheat ppl with low balances and it's also the most insane bonus this trash locked bcd you have to wager 4000 dollars to unlock ten dollars of this worthless coin that for some reason i cant every get ahead using .  

your games are not provably fair your site is a scam and you should be ashamed of yourselves for robbing the poor and giving to the rich . imagine limbo cant reach x2 yes barrel x2 for 20, 30, sometimes 40 rounds in a row. Do you know what the is of that happening is? 

phenomenal  outcomes happen all day every day but always in favor of the casino . always a lose for us . the lower our balance the more frequently we lose. this is no exaggeration. the numbers don't lie. your games are systematically cheating us. 

all of the beers are the same for every one of these and all low bets you can divide wagered by the amount of losses plus wings to see how little i bet 





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You are completely right my brother but if you learn to watch them cheating bc.game patterns youll be winning 75to85% of the time 😁 you just need to watch the system they cheats you and jump in when they let u win then miss couple of goes and again

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Well, although your claim doesn't make any sense at all, I can understand the feeling when you are down bad.

How many bets did you place?

Couple of 1000? Or maybe 10k?

This doesn't determine anything about the randomness and provable fairness. 

To determine a conclusive result, you should run the bets for very long time, collect the data and then analyse. Also, you should run the tests on several different seeds. Once you collect enough data, you will realise that it's fair naturally.

In short term gambling you will see those deviations. The deviations are what makes you win big, or lose big.

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While I can definitely understand your frustration, BC Game isn't cheating. 

Probability, chance and odds aren't working the way you seem to believe them to work. Let me show you some examples.



I played Limbo at a multiplier of 100 but didn’t win even once!

The chance of winning at a multiplier on Limbo (as well as classic dice, hash dice and ultimate dice) is 0.99%. But shouldn’t that mean you should hit 100x roughly every 100 turns?

Statistically speaking, you would hit a win for every 101 turns you play the game, but that is just a statistical measure. To illustrate, I played 10,000 games of Limbo at a multiplier of 100. Below are the first eight sets of 101 turns, as well as the last game.








During my 10,009 games (I played 101 at a time because statistically, I should get 100x once every 101 games), I could play several hundreds of games without getting 100x even once and then get 100x 3-4 times in another set of 101 games. The first ~400 games didn’t look good, showing a hit rate between 0.0 - 0.24%. But looking at the last live stats screenshot, the total hit rate is up to 0.9%, which is very close to the 0.99% that we statistically should get.

I want to show that it is perfectly normal to play 100, 200 or 500 games without hitting 100x. The statistical measure should be interpreted as an average, and the more games you play, the closer to that average you will be. Had I played 100,000 games of Limbo instead of 10,000, the total percentage would have been even closer to 0.99%.

For context, let’s see the odds of losing 100 games in a row. Every game has a 99.01% risk for loss.

99.01 * (0.9001^99) = 36.97

The odds of losing 100 games in a row at a multiplier of 100 is 36.97%



Probability doesn’t work the way we intuitively feel that it should. You always have to take all the previous rolls into the calculations when calculating the probability of a series of events. 10,000, 50, and 300 rounds have been used in the above examples. But it can easily be changed to 3, 12 or 500 by adding multipliers. For example, the chance of winning two times in a row at a 20% chance would look like this:

20 * 0.2 * 0.2 = 0.8%

And 10 times in a row would look like this:

20 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 * 0.2 = 0.00001024%

The proper mathematical way of writing this is: 20 * (0.2^9)

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