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Crypto lottery Why isn't it more simple ?


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First i would say that i don't think that the lottery is cheated. Because probabilities are low to win so i think that we can trust on lottery owner : they will never lose money.

But my question is : Why all those hard and complicated algorithms for trust ?

It should be very simple :

First day of lottery, a lottery computer (that is isolated of internet) make a hash of the random 6 numbers and then add a salt random hash like that :
Then the lottery computer Hash it, with SHA256 it give the hash :
It can be verified here : https://emn178.github.io/online-tools/sha256.html
So, on the first day of lottery, BC Game give us that hash :4057db7c461411b807d610558ed3cd541aef00635b363a9a19f5cdc8d860876d
It's the signature that they still have the random numbers, but they don't reveal now.

Has i know about hash, it's IMPOSSIBLE to find the lottery number with that hash signature. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin mining try to find a hash starting by zeros, it's easier. But a complete hash is impossible to find actually.
Then Players buy their tickets, choose their numbers they want.
After buy ending, BC Games show us the numbers and give us the computed numbers and salt : 30,2,24,32,28,1[4392263aae6426ce3f72f8588b9d736d]
So we can go to the online tools website to verify if it match with the hash they give us on the lottery start.
And that's it. No need Client seed, no need blocks or blockchain, no need wait for result (long blocks calculate process),...

I trust more on simple things that on complicated things, so i guess : Why isn't it so simple ? Don't answer "for security", we all know that it's impossible to find the numbers before they reveal us.

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