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Hilo preference , what is your pick?


Which is a better strat for hilo ( your preference)  

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  1. 1. When playing Hilo which do you personally prefer to pick?

    • High multiplier (less chance)
    • Best % to win (low multiplier)

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Personally when I play Hilo I always go for the highest multiplier option. So if I'm dealt a 2 I will choose lower or the same. 

Now I run into issues when I get stuff in the middle like 7 and 8. So I usually just go lo on 8 hi on 7. 


Then the next card. I play higher risk so if I can  win two in a row I usually take it, that being said I've tried for more and never was able to get more than 2 . 



Opening card is a 3 , I go lo

Next card is a 2 , I go lo 

Next card is another 2 

This is where I cash out because no matter how many times I try I can't get another win going lo. So why don't I go high? Becuase I want to go lo 


So what do you guys think? 

Does anyone play the same way as I do? 

Who thinks I'm horrible, my strat is trash and swears by playing the best % odds? 

Anyone gotten 3 wins in a row playing low odds? 



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i think maybe once ive gotten 3 in a row on hilo. I always go with the highest multiplier and always go up on seven, not for any reason other  than i just do haha. 

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Definitely always go for high payouts with hilo - the only exception is if im using it to grind with, by going for 2.5x - 5x or so. 

And to answer your question yes I get 3+ wins all the time on low odds. Ive hit 3x Aces various times actually 🙂 Just gotta go for them. Whats weird about hilo is sometimes im better if i choose a pattern before the turn of the opening card, and just go with the pre-planned pattern with my eyes closed as to not want to divert from it (ie. high- high-high-low-low-high). Maybe try this out lol. Try like 3-4 cards in a row first and then work your way up.

"Life is the biggest scam of all, because eventually you die."

- digitaldash

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