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Am I in control of the dice!!!!Maybe Baby...


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So, when it comes to Classic dice I have played my share considering I transferred my VIP from Lucky fish over to here Starting me at almost gold level... now hear me out the only game I really like that lucky fish was the classic dice and after playing it for hours on end manually mostly I began to feel like I had some sort of technique with the button pushing playing on my cell phone. And it has proven true time and time again that my button-pushing skill of tapping and holding when the dice hits a certain position that I can make it go faster and farther one way or the other. Call me crazy but I really do believe this and can do really well on the lucky fish dice game. So I just started here maybe a week ago and I'm trying out the classic dice here and lo and behold it seems that it has the same type of control. I was sitting here with my girlfriend the other day and I told her in five minutes I'm going to hit the hundred which is 9900 times and I knew that because of the way that I was controlling the dice and pushing the button and the feel of it. So sure enough within 5 minutes I hit the hundred and I won 0.44 e t h. Anyways folks I think that there is a rhythm and a button-pushing to move the dice along in a certain way so give it a try for fun on manual and let me know because I feel like I have at least a little bit of control of the dice. I was able to call my own shot a couple days ago with no problem. Anyways good luck to y'all and have fun.

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