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Bankroller but not quite...


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I'm  such a HUGE fan of Bc.game and I'm so very confused about how I was treated and then told I wasn't treated in any wrong way. I have nothing bad to say about Bc.game.. especially some of the support agents and how kind and patient they have been with  All of US! But when I'm told I must of hit the crash button because  the game does not stop automatically stop  unless you have set it  to stop or you touch the button.  I felt crazy like I was imaging things and even questioned a big banner that came down the screen and when I seen the your the biggest  winner  and click for details I was stumped when it was only at x6.25!!!    My bet was in Luna and I just got fed up asking what the banner was in chat and support  that I took my measly 500. Max bet of Luna and went back to try and recuperate the losses I've had in Luna  and went back to Crash hoping to hit x100. but quickly I was auto cashed out again!!!  And wow. I was able to read that whole banner this time and it said BANK ROLL!  and off to chat I go and this whole time between wins I was kicking my self and hating that I was called a liar.  But It was simply the max profit had not been reset to the proper value of a max bet auto cashed out!  I mean  500 Luna at x6.25  5 months ago would be Huuuge! But then I got mad and tried to ask support for help and tell them how I was feeling ridiculous  and bullied a little after she came back from talking with the "Team" and said they all said that I must of hit the crash button..   I felt like I was Crazy and belittled.   Except for the fact that I was not wrong. And the fact that they had a glitch by not re addressing the proper value of Luna to a Max bet auto cash out of 50 plus cents. So I'm hear asking if you have been insulted and what to do about it.  I still love the site  and the games and the people.  I was raised just a ferry ride away in Nanaimo BC  away from head office of Bc.game and cant wIt to sign in every day!  Please BC game. Dont sour a good thing for me. I am just not cool about the way  I was treated  and still waiting for the answer about what they can do about the insults and future crashed  crypto coins that ppl will be auto cashed out early on because of the financial rules not being held to high standards and practice. As well as support teams ingnorance to Bank Roll wins.!     SCREEN SHOTS OF CONVERSATION BELOW AND THE 2 BETS SLIPS ECT



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There's nothing that needs fixing in this circumstance... everything is working properly like support mentioned.

The game cashes you out early because a player is only allowed to take so much of the bankroll in a single bets profit, etc.

Don't play with Luna.. play with a different coin. That is my advice to you. Please be smart and take my advice to heart, I am taking time out of my day to try and help you, don't make me feel like I wasted my time in doing so.

Have a good day dude. Play with a different coin. 😎

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