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I just got one thing to say before I never come back to this cheating azz mf bull shit site. Fuck you and everyone here. Cheating mother fuckers. I can sit there and watch the wheel speed up or slow down to make you lose. Plinko! Make a bet with your last bit of money. While you have nothing left bet again before the ball hits the bottom. If you bet everything you had and it lets you bet again. The ball going down was a winner. What’s that mean?  Means it set the fuck up. It knows what it’s going to do before it does it. Means its cheating like a bitch. Fuck you cheating ass mother fuckers. As much money as I have put into this site you’d think I’d win allot right?  Nope. Why not?  BECAUSE BC GAMES IS NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF MOTHER FUCKING CHEATERS. 

And oh yeah. At my level your suppose to be able to withdraw for free. Ahahahaha guess again cheaters !!! What’s that say? A fucking fee! Don’t worry. I will not ever come back to this cheating ass site. Fuck you 691C91A0-B127-4903-BBD9-E302FADE1399.thumb.jpeg.5b58f2deb869daa4848c329696f952ee.jpeg

Now go ahead and try to steel this withdraw like you Pusey mother fuckers did with my XLM

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